Friday, November 11, 2005

Thank Christ our press is better than in the UK

You may have seen my bleating impotently about the power of the Murdoch press here in Oz. And I will continue to do so.

But check out the Dirty Digger's work over in his beloved Sun (home of the page 3 ladies I believe), as profiled by today's Crikey.

Terror bill defeat
Political Editor

TREACHEROUS MPs betrayed the British people last night by rejecting new laws to combat terror.

IGNORED the wishes of the vast majority of Britons and HUMILIATED Tony Blair by inflicting his first Commons defeat.

Gutless Tory MPs were joined by up to 47 Labour rebels as they wrecked the PM’s bid to hold terror suspects for 90 days without charge.

The vote went against Mr Blair by 322 to 291. And the limit was slashed to just 28 days by an even bigger majority — despite police warnings this could leave the nation dangerously exposed to terrorists allowed to roam free.

The Tories and rebels were joined by Ian Paisley’s DUP. In a fit of pique over yesterday’s amnesty for IRA killers, the Ulster firebrand drove his nine-strong team into the No lobby.

Tory leadership hopeful David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, claimed credit for the Government’s defeat. But Mr Blair rejected claims it amounted to a no-confidence vote.

He stuck by his belief in the 90-day period. And he said: “It is better sometimes to lose doing the right thing than be doing the wrong thing.”

Mr Blair’s supporters were livid last night. Labour MP Tom Harris said: “Britain is a safer place for terrorists today. All this will do is give reassurance to people planning to blow up bombs on the Underground.”

TELL us what you think of the traitor MPs who voted against Blair's 90-day motion by emailing

The article is here

The accompanying graphics are listed 'Winners' - being photos of the foul pollies that voted against it, and the 'Loser's' being photos of the dead or injured from the London bombing. Quality yellow journalism at it's most saffron.

Britain has a trade's description act that says something about not being able to blatantly lie about what a product does. Surely the government should step in and launch proceedings for The Sun claiming to produce journalism?

Do you think this is where News Ltd in Oz is headed? I do - especially twats like the editor of the Daily Tele, or Bolt at the Herald Sun, or Akerman - when he's not too busy doing lines of substances off his desk after a nine hour lunch (allegedly - see Aker's - I gave you the benefit of the doubt - unlike you, you pr_ck.)

Oh - here's the link on the Sun site to the Page 3 girls; page 3 girls concerned about the betrayal of their fine Tone Log

Tony, Tony, Tony, why has thou forsaken the left?


  1. A terror bill for a terror drill?

    London Bombings - from fictional to real?

    See the two-minute video clip available here.

  2. I especially love the headline on the Page 3 girl birthday page that said "Happy birthday to boobs!"

    Quality journalism.

  3. It's only a small step up from the Herald Sun on Barnaby:

    "While his friends in the Coalition had their backs turned, Senator Joyce joined Labor, the Greens, the Democrats and Family First senator Steve Fielding to trick the Government into an embarrassing backdown

    ...Senator Joyce didn't make eye contact with his Coalition colleagues as he twisted the knife. The Bill was passed in its dramatically weakened form"

    From here.

    Amateur, but on it's way.

  4. I honestly think that Murdoch has a 'how to' plan for all his tabloid press - and his broadsheet. Probably on tape. They probably play it to every editorial team of every paper he buys.

    (Cue Ocker voice).

    'Listen up f_ckers. Tabloids. Tits, crime, tits, police, tits, celebrity sleeze, tits, and making sure law and order is the order of the day. If you're not screaming about leftie jugs, models and drugs, tits, crime, tits, coppers on the take, whacky politicians I don't like, or tits then I want you off me staff. For the Oz tabloids we can't show tits yet. I'm working it on it - so settle the f_ck down. Right, broadsheets, I want intrusive government Vs business and liberal government soft on crime. I want corruption and sleeze, but make it tasteful. No tits. Cor, you've got a nice set luvvie. Give us a feel. Noice. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah - tits. And make sure any f_cking unions in me papers are dealt with. I don't want those organised f_ckers anywhere near my journos or the print room. I don't need to give you my editorial line specifically. But you know what I likes and I likes tits, crime, and making 20 percent profit. Get to it lads.'

    'Oh, and don't worry too much about libelling or speculation. It only has to be 'true' for a day. After that, if we have to print an apology, we do it small, we do it late, and we do it near some tits.'

  5. As for the terror drill, look I've no doubt at all it was genuine. Fact is govts have to hold these macro exercises because mass casualties combined with acute terror can paralyse a large urban environment and cause a potential catastrophic break down in civil order and infrastructure. Govts that don't do it are not good govts. Without the exercises they cannot discover fail points in various scenarios. Though I admit it also helps the public comms message of 'its cool, we're ready if something happens'. Which is an intended benefit of doing stuff like this.

    Though I admit it's a freaky coincidence it was on the same day.

  6. Meh. People will buy crap, so other people will sell it. If there was no money in it, they wouldn't sell it.

    Not hard to find editorials that make your blood boil, is it?


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