Friday, May 22, 2020

Curling for chick shit

We've been letting three of the eight chickens into the garden each day because of a civil war fought over the yellow pekin and consequently there is chicken shit dusting the path between patio and shed. 

I grabbed a broom from a dustpan and broom set but it's designed for one handed use by normal people. I'm short and I needed to double-hand it to get the right amount of power to dislodge a turd and fling it out of the way. I went fast, because it's annoying, and so it came to be that it seemed just like curling, like the ice-based game, but for chicken shit.

I stepped on a freshie yesterday; I had to limp to the shower to de-turd it. 

Tiny chickens are adorable; their out-sized shits are not. 

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