Friday, August 10, 2018

Fifteen minutes

I'm an educated, work-experienced cat from the world of the white collar. 

I spent 15 minutes attempting to turn a flat-packed archive box into a normal archive box.

The instructions were clear, I just didn't understand them—or failed to translate their pics into concrete boxed action.

Fifteen minutes.

I felt epic stupid. 

I did succeed—and I didn't chuck a snit.

Later I had to do cutting, lots of it. I was getting up and down so got a head sweat going and I'm balding. 

I risked bald sweat dripping on the contents I was cutting. 

So by the end of the mission there was a pyramid of soaked paper towels of daubed up bald sweat—a moist mountain of translucent salt watered balls.

It was not a good look.

The box was for recycling; the head sweat towels went in the bin.

Area man stymied by a box; what a fail.

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