Saturday, August 11, 2018

Deep dive in a terror pond

The trouble with a workplace mental health injury is how often you're reminded of it even if you're in another workplace. In my case I had to put on the mental health equivalent of scuba gear and light mesh chainmail and plunge into a fetid pond and grope about to find objects therein. 

I surfaced with the job achieved and with surprisingly little damage because the swim was about making the pond clear---or setting it up so nature would keep it clean once toxic waste stopped being dumped into it.

After the dive I went on and did other things; I didn't trigger from distress. It was as if Beowulf had just killed Grendel then shrugged and went across the road to get a Diet Coke then do some light office work.

That's life with a workplace psychological injury; you're forever diving into foul ponds of your wounded mind's making.

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