Friday, August 03, 2018

Aquaplaning then a kangaroo

It was pissing buckets in the nation's capital and about a half dozen times the car aquaplaned for what felt like a heartbeat or two. You had to grip the wheel and keep the accelerator down without cruise control to maintain control and go slower---I wonder if you can get an un-speed camera ticket because I passed one at 70 in a 100 zone.

I used to joke with overseas visitors that, no, they were unlikely to see kangaroos just hopping about in Canberra. We're not that cliched.

It had stopped raining when I came down a hill in the dark and a roo crossed the road in front of me. I was driving carefully, going about 50, and so I only had to tap the brakes for a second before it bounced onto a wet sporting oval. If I'd not being paying attention I'd have hit it or hard swerved on instinct. Either way it would have been bad. 

So hooray for methodical driving in poor conditions; I kept a car on the road when it skipped across water and I avoided a skippy.

It felt almost too Oz; nation's capital at night in the wet and nearly clipping one of the two animals from the Coat of arms.

I bet if I had his emu mate would have come looking for me...

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