Saturday, July 07, 2018

Some rooms are magical

The locker room; a staple of childhood and school, though in Oz they are change rooms as there are no lockers, they are a scene in everyone's head who had a growing body and had to reveal it to others. What's it like to be a frozen, muddy boy then shower as a group? Hideous. I only did that the once before my body was ruled ineligible for such sport.

The locker room is now apparently magical because if you discuss sexual predation with authority figures in that room then it does not count; it's locker room talk, y'know?

I wish I had known a locker room was a magical place where you can complain about being preyed upon but the coaching staff will not act upon it. Phew! It's now a safe place where you can kvetch about someone pawing at your junk but you don't have to worry about someone trying to stop it.

So people should understand that argument as put forward by former assistant wrestling coach now GOP luminary Jim Jordan; that locker rooms are magical places where you can be nude, have your junk fondled and discuss the junk fondling but where nothing will happen to stop that. Because it was said in a locker room.

Trump had a locker room moment on an Access Hollywood bus while he was wearing a suit and surrounded by crew. He was fully clothed when he bragged about the casual assault of women by him and his defence was it was locker room talk.

I look forward to impeachment when Trump argues the Oval Office is also a locker room and so he can do anything he likes there like telling Russians secrets and bragging about sacking the head of the FBI to said Russians.

Men; we are fucked up. And the fucking up happens in places like locker rooms where acts and words foster toxic masculinity and young men are preyed upon but nothing will happen to stop it because it is a magical room separate from the rest of reality.

Go wrestling.

UPDATE: My subconscious has now reacted to the topic above---though I was molested by a psychologist and not a wrestling team doctor. My PTSD hand tremble is up and I look forward to dropping things and not being able to pick them up. 

That's the trouble with being abused; you're reminded of it when you read stories of abuse. And the greater the narrative of failure to stop it the angrier you get.

There are now millions of people being triggered by this story; where institutional failure is so acute it preys upon its shining stars to dim them ever more.

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