Monday, July 30, 2018

PTSD and random tasks

There was a broken basket that needed duct tape in all the right places and I decided to have a go. I have PTSD with hand tremours one of the effects and those tremours could be caused by the meds that I take for PTSD. If the price to pay for not living caked in fear is tremble fingers then so be it. 

It means random tasks like duct tape and scissors become an exciting challenge especially with scissors that are not great for duct tape. I nearly dropped the scissors, I could not do clean cuts without extreme care and I had to with quivering fingers put that tape on.

I succeeded and I celebrated with a fun outside ride. On the trike; not in the basket. 

That's life with a workplace mental health injury; random tasks get more random and you contemplate sitting in a basket in your yard making vroom, vroom noises.

And hooray for not dropping scissors into my foot.

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