Sunday, July 29, 2018

New trike

I've got a new trike. It's smaller than the old one but a purpose electric-mechanical model with seven gears instead of an experimental three gear electric on a single gear trike.

I've had some moments.

I miss the throttle. You could when you felt sore just thumb down the throttle and glide forth on electricity alone. There is no throttle on this one; you have to hold down the power assist mode button and you will go at a tepid six kph and only on level ground. 

I nearly rode into a bridge. It was scary. I didn't turn enough and had to adjust in a flash before I smeared concrete. 

It made an unholy sound of robot murder mid-way around a lake. I stopped at the two thirds mark because the sound was so ghastly and saw a bolt with a spring sticking out. I wound it back in by hand and the sound went away. 

I went over some building scree and something got caught between the mud guard and tyre. Again, a hideous noise of mechanoid slaughter. I jiggled both flaps and the noise went away. 

I had to pass a couple walking a dog. She got off the path but they stayed on. I dinged the bell—a twist bell that looks like one of the saw-bladed one-man saucers from The Incredibles—and then said "to your right" as I went past him with just one tyre on path and he said "there's enough fuckin' room". I'm not sure he realised I was a fat man on a tricycle who takes up about the width of the path we were on. 

I miss the throttle. 

This one has greater endurance—I could do the lake ride without risk of power end before the ride did and leading to a laborious no electic-assist coda for home.

Riding at night was scary but it's because I had not set the light properly; it was skewed to the right and I rode off the path following the light instead of the actual concrete for riding on and that introduced me to a fresh hint of verge with trees. 

That bridge thing was scary, man. Seriously nearly wiped myself out on a bridge. Like Icona Pop only without the benefit of a vehicle and air bag and caring very much about what was happening. 

Seven gears that work is better that three that are clunky. Only you can't change gear at the start so you have to remember to end a ride in third gear so you can start off the ride without fuss because a cold start on the highest gear means rising in the saddle on knees that feel they will snap at any second. 

It's a better trike. While I miss the throttle the throttle led to many unsexy adventures like the trike taking off of its own accord or me being off the trike but my stomach throttling the throttle as I was trapped between the handle bars and the saddle whilst standing and the trike would spin wheels as it throbbed about me. Unsexy adventures with tricycles are where something goes wrong with you, the trike or both because of you, the trike or both. 

You need to be at least in third gear at cold start crossing a road or you will take ten seconds to cross instead of five or three.

That bridge incident was a wake-up call to always take care downhill and turning. It's important when riding a trike otherwise you could paste into a bridge. 

It's not the first time that's happened; a near bridge-pasting. 

If you're an attractive woman in a car that is not your own and you crash into a bridge with safety then it could be an awesome experience; nearly pasting into a bridge on a tricycle as a fat man would have led to a headline like"Fat man rides into a bridge on a tricycle and dies; police suspect the man, the trike or both" would not be. 

The new trike; it's better than the old one. I just have to get used to its feel.

New vehicle for the win.

UPDATE: There was construction across the path and the detour was on a grassy slope. I nearly stacked it on the angle and had to throw myself to the left to avoid toppling over. It would have hurt and it would have happened in front of people. 

I took a different way home.

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