Monday, July 09, 2018

Let's mingle!

In Oz our pool balls are known as "Bigs" and "Smalls" with "Bigs" being the striped ball and "Smalls" the one without the stripe. 

In our chickens we have the same; the "Bigs"—the survivors of the fox attack—and the "Smalls" who are adult-sized Bantams, Silkies and a Polish Scruff but which are physically smaller than the surviving adults.

Today I let them mingle. There was some chasing but by and large it was all cool.

But when I tried to share communal treats the "Bigs" stalked the area where the treats were and chased off the interlopers. 

Alas the big brown took exceptional exception to the brown Silkie and in a hidden area of the yard I heard much distress then saw the brown girl come back with a beak full of Silkie feathers. 

Here endeth the mingle. I lured brown back with sunflower seeds then quickly shut the pen only I shut it on the big grey chicken and she got a big fright. 

The mingle; I tried again and I failed. It will likely always be this way; the "Bigs" segregated in their smaller fox proof pen from the smaller "Smalls". 

Sounds of a chicken in distress are not pleasant; I imagine being a livestock farmer with PTSD would be next to impossible unless you had your ear drums removed.

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