Monday, July 09, 2018

Left on a high note

I made theboy laugh by making fun of a TV show that had failed on basic reality and I compared it to them doing a show about his school but where there was a year eight kid in class smoking and one of theboy's mates down the back inexplicably with his shirt off.

He was in hysterics so I said "I've been Mikey; have a great day" then left through the sliding door and walked off. I only stopped when he said "... but I want to keep talking about the funny TV show ..."

I went back and explained what a high note was and that I was mandated by comedy law to walk off at that moment. I referenced George's attempts on Seinfeld where he nails a joke at a meeting table then gets up and leaves while the laughter is still cooking.

The high note; you'll know it when you hear it and then you just have to go.

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