Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Gentle re-steer

I got a gentle re-steer that was deftly given—good idea / let's do it this way / less is more. I'd been so used to working one way that I'd not considered the new.

I appreciated the gentility. I called in to apologise for jumping the gun and ended with an efficient re-do that met the need. I got feedback and acted. I was scared when I called but soothed straight away.

When you spent a life being negged by people above you steel for the worst; be prepared to be told that you're shit. 

But I wasn't; I got a gentle re-steer. My idea was solid; it just needed a re-do.

I've forgotten what it is to work with those who care about you and want you to do well. I've had it less often than not but they stand out as beacons—those who valued what you did and who taught you what they knew.


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