Sunday, July 08, 2018

Fun with OCPD

OCPD is not fun, though it makes me a better person. In addition to obsessive compulsion to do what I must I also pick my feet. 

Today I ripped a hole into the side and the bottom of my left foot. I pierced into blood and when my heavyset body pressed through my very flat foot it very, very hurt. 

After the shower then it was Band-Aids to both points; the compression stopped the sting and the padding absorbed the hurt of walking on that foot.

Hooray for Band-Aids; aiding the injured since they were made.

Of course the red plastic box the Band-Aids are kept in is littered with empty packets where the BAs once were and I have to root among the desiccated corpses to find a live one.

I could go through the box and remove them now, leaving only BAs yet to be used but that is effort and such and I like the challenge of balancing on one foot as I root among the box for an actual Band-Aid and not the shroud of a once was.

This has been "Fun with OCPD".

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