Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Excised shed tat

I have a bunch of fun stuff pinned to the walls of my shed with magnets, such as my hilarious trail of documents of meaning and worth combined with certificates from day long courses I attended as a white collar worker. There's newspaper clippings I've been sent or have kept and artwork I did that I found when rooting amid the remains of my working life pre-injury. It's all joyful stuff. Until, of course, it is not.

There are holes on the walls now where stuff used to be but which I took off because they were reminders of a re-framed childhood—where due to not-great pregnancy care I'd been plucked from the body of a to-be-tall man and thrown into that of a broken puppet. Photos had to go, news clippings too. 

But I didn't destroy them, I just dropped them down the side or to the bottom to sit curling in a shed frame outcrop or lie tangled on old spider web.

Some day they may even go up again. But, for now, I had to blank them from sight because their sight caused distress. 

It's a bit like Soviet Russia where former beloved figures were literally photo scrubbed from history when later presented as false comrades who merely fell as part of party politics V a sociopath supreme

I have in view when I ride the exercise bike a Blue Tak'ed copy of MR. HAPPY so if I blankly stare ahead at least I am staring at that. 

Also in view is a stuffed Angry Bird the size of a tennis ball and sitting on a roll of duct tape.  

The MR. HAPPY was put there to blot out a pair of mad eyes from a sticker I couldn't get off and to remind me to be happy. The Angry Bird was from theboy and the duct tape was its plinth. 

One day as I rode I realised that is the duality of me; I am MR. HAPPY and I am the Angry Bird—the glowering red original (1).

Happy and angry is okay—they balance like yin and yang. I have now put the bird and its plinth next to the book for I iz MR. HAB.


(1) That's the main one.

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