Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Abruptly woken from nightmare

It was high school—or uni. There was an exam the next day and I had not done any of the coursework. I was panicked and other students were offering what would be on the test when I was abruptly woken, drenched in "I HAVE FUCKED UP" fear and asked if we could buy a TV series on iTunes. 

I said yes and dropped back down but sleep was stolen and the flood of terror was still through me. I have lingering anxiety–exacerbated by IT issues later—and my body and animal brain is telling me things are wrong and I am right to be distressed. 

My logic brain knows I just had a nightmare that I was woken in the middle of and the upsidedown brain is sorting that shit out on the down low. 

But I have PTSD, OCPD, depression and anxiety so that sorting out is going to take a fucking long time. I just have to use CBT to remind myself nothing is wrong, 

I am not in trouble, there is no exam and no enemies are coming to get me.

This has been "Fun with mental injuries and dreaming".

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