Monday, June 18, 2018


The BYB is cactus. It turned out the bike was experimental in that additional gears and electric assist were fitted to a one gear bike. It was a first time build of that frame as well. The end result over time was a warped frame and it's now unsafe to ride.

I feel like Ney who kept having horses shot out from under him and had to get a new steed to keep fighting.

It was a confluence of events and so it's just is what it is; a new trike with better battery access and gears already present will replace it.

But the BYB while I had it gave me freedom I lacked; the ability to go to the shops with ease instead of pain-riddled walking or busing. I saw places of near where I lived that I had never seen---and the lake ride was, when the BYB worked, a great experience that filled my brain with happy chemicals from exercise and being outside on a nice day. An exercise bike ride is always a toil; the BYB was not. When it worked it was glorious.

RIP, BYB. You were experimental but your results are carved on my heart.

(BYB is shot into space in a photon missile case as a piper's lament fills the ship).

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