Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fell through the pen

I was on the way out of the bigs' pen, an egg in hand, when I found myself lying on the ground on the front wall, the egg crushed and chicken muck up my legs. It was a slippery surface and I have mobility issues. I likely just slid then fell but I had no memory of the fall—I was just lying dazed on a mesh grill pen side with egg bits streaked across my palm. 

I could get up and I put the pen side backbut not secured as my shaking fingers are not up to that. Then went and cleaned up. 

I didn't squash any of the small chickens—they would have been crushed between the mesh and the mud and it would be a deeply sad moment to lose a chicken we raised from a hatchling. So that's a win that my accident just did a number on my dignity and integrity of self.

The fall; never fun but I got away with minimal damage. I look forward to greater falls with higher damage in my ageing future; hooray!

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