Sunday, May 13, 2018

Wrong timeline pulse

I just had a stabbing moment of shifting uncertainty that we are in the wrong timeline; that somehow Trump is president. That it feels so wrong like a rip in spacetime wrong. 

It's magical thinking; we're just sentient meat on a rock billions of years old. To the universe we're of less interest that an ants nest at a building site. We're not special in celestial terms for it to owe us a re-do but it still feels wrong. Like "crime against time" wrong. Did some future fuckhole come back to 2016 to do it? He didn't collude with Russians but time travellers?

In Fire and Fury it is said Melania cried the night they won. Not tears of joy but for what her Dorito-beau would do and what it would do to her. Maybe she got the pulse then; that it all seems so wrong?

Magical thinking I know. He won because of a blend of factors one of which was to be his true bloviating self. People admired his certainty and promises of turning back globalisation even as the rest of the world moves on, such as his consumer-hurting tariffs and hard limits on immigration, even temporary legal visitors who do the actual hard work of farm labour. 

The wrong trouser of time; that's what it feels like. But, like Hitler, we grit our teeth and bear it. His time is finite. But then we never thought someone like him could get in. If he had time travel assistance and his doctor said he had a 200 year lifespan and ... no ... I am doing it again and presuming it's a temporal tear that could be time-fixed.

Fucking hell. For someone who loves good government as much as me it's like being a proud holder of stock in the Zeppelin company after the Hindenburg news has broken.

"I tell ya, kid, the future is up, up and away with airships! Wait, what's that? Turn the radio up."

Oh the technocracy! (Institutional governance burns)

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