Sunday, May 13, 2018

Toilet reflection

I sat on the closed toilet to blow my nose then remained in the dark, door open, thinking about Mothers Day and what that means to me. My son walked past to get the shared wooden back scratcher from the study bookshelf and he re-affirmed it. His mother loves him to hurting point; even when annoyed there is no fear of abandonment, shame or distance. I didn't have that but he has and that's the important thing.

As parents we keep what worked but we've done our best to fuck off the smug entitlement and ownership mentality; if we fight we make peace. We don't leave a child sobbing in the dark from lack of love.

That was my journey but it is not his. I take comfort in that; it's quiet revenge against how to be a bullying emasculating shit.

Mothers Day; the future is bright---and the past can go fuck itself right in its own earhole. 

You heard me; the other ear still works.

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