Sunday, May 13, 2018

That's how it goes

I love government; love it. I love the positive power a dedicated servant of government can have if they have the wind behind their backs. Good government is and always striving to do government better, in times of union with their rulers of the day, or in the dark times when politics makes good government treacherously difficult.

I read a bunch about Trump before he got in. He was and is the most offensive of creatures to government: a rich person who suborns it.

He's doing it now, with shameless abandon, because he won office as a foul mouthed rich man and to expect him to not do that in office is insane.

Trump's life was only possible because he and his father suborned government to their personal benefit to secure real estate deals and in doing so deliberately put the boot on the necks of people of colour who needed housing. Their cunning code on the application form was an added "C" for coloured so they would be rejected or directed to lower-standard housing where other "C" people were sent.

A rich arsehole with no experience in government except in breaking it took over from Obama, a methodical technocrat whose life was soaked in a need to look after people he did not know.

There will always be a fat chunk of America that will support Trump or the next one along. The same way there are people convinced they have interacted with a religious figure or have been body snatched and had rectal-based probing adventures with beings from other worlds. It's the same in Oz. 

But it doesn't mean they are right and probs help us all if a rich stupid fuckwit gets into high office and who uses their station to pimp their shit.

Good luck, America. Here's hoping the antibodies kick in for the midterms.

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