Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Soy fish

How did it get into the pen? Did someone chuck it over the fence? Did the chickens do a breakout, steal money from my wallet then go get sushi?

I suppose it's not as weird as the rubber Darth Vader head I found that time—it's staring at me as I type and now I've noticed that I have to move it ... there, I put it on the bobble head I have of Hawkeye. They look like they're in a symbiotic partnership.

Anyway, the empty soy fish—a thumb-length transparent hollow plastic fish with a red cap nose that holds soy sauce—it's in the pen and since it has not been eaten then I can presume it can stay there safely breaking down in that pen for the next 1000 years. 

It turned out the fourth Reich was my chicken pen—who'd have thought it? I bet it's going to make those 14 and 88 people have sads.

It would also explain why Reinhard Heydrich was hiding in the big hutch. I had to swat him out with the straw end of a broom; "Go on, get out of it ya mucky sociopathic catalyst of industrial genocide!"

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