Tuesday, May 29, 2018

PTSD and shopping

If your PTSD is up and you suffer hand tremours or finger spring you will drop your shopping. When putting it away try to start will a non-fragile or light item first. For me it was a box of ice-creams. I picked it up, one of four items purchased, and my hand said "NO!" and opened up like a flower and dropped it on the floor. 

The ice-creams were okay; hooray! But it also gave me a sign I needed to take care.

So if you're moving heavy or fragile items like cans or glass jars wait until the end and when you do it actively concentrate on maintaining the hold until you get it into position. If you succeed at putting it all away without dropping one then give yourself a shaky pat on the back for mission accomplished after normalcy was stolen from you by a mental health injury.

This has been "Fun with PTSD".

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