Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Fanged it downhill as the rain came in

I got pre-rain splatter on the way to the shops on my electric-assist man trike and forded on knowing that if it did hit then it was a downhill ride. 

So it did hit and because it's an electric-assist bike if you use the assistance as it rains then there is a small chance of electrocution.

Battery off I pedaled furiously along the straight bit then fanged it downhill as the rain came in.

I'm pretty sure that's an Oz word—to fang—which means to go quickly. And fanged it I did. 

I timed my ride for between estimates. That's just how much of a fucking nerd I am.

Nerds—I think the Beasties said it best in "Intergalactic": 

Well, I gotta keep it going, keep it going full steam

Too sweet to be sour; too nice to be mean

Well, on the tough guy style, I'm not too keen

Trying to change the world, I will plot and scheme

Darn tootin', Beasties.


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