Sunday, May 06, 2018

Dropped a prune

I rarely have prunes; I'm eating them now in addition to pills because of the anti-biotics and getting bunged up.

But I do drop things all the time because of injury and meds which makes my fingers spring open.

So I dropped a prune. I think it may be the first prune I have ever dropped. 

I immediately went "the chickens will love that" and had the rest of my prunes outside and watching them enjoy the dropped one and an extra. I broke bread with my chickens only it was not bread (prunes) or broken (dropped)—but the principle is the same. 

I dropped something a chicken would eat and even though it hurts to bend I'll risk it for the joy of seeing a chicken go it hard as fuck.

Fuck cock fights; they should have prune fights. Last one to finish the prune wins. 

The silkies got their head feathers plastered back from melon juice. They looked like they'd been attacked with half their heads missing. It freaked me the fuck out the first time I saw it. So chuck in a melon rind for added drama for "PRUNE FIGHTS!"

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