Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Cat stole corn

I'd bought four corn halves for the chickens, snapped one in two then fired one over into the pen for the bigs and then the other to the smalls.

I came back into the house to put the corn away and saw two left in the bag. There was a husk on the ground.

Which meant a cat had got one. Sure enough it was under a chair, an end well-gnawed.

I was surprised; previously it was just unattended meat she tried for.

The corn she gnawed was fed to the chickens.

You can't trust this cat; she's sneaky and she likes to stalk the counter tops we're not there to see.

Sometimes it's "fuck it, come watch" and she'll do it in front of you.

Corn, delicious corn. Added to the list of foods that cannot be left out unguarded---unless it's a living art installation called "that fucking cat just stole some of my dinner".

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