Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Baroque cursin'

I went on a lake ride and listened to a CD titled "World of baroque" that had been ripped to my now ancient Sony mp3 player. It was a brilliant autumnal day, sun glinting on water, duck-related ambience and for me the pleasure of being outside and doing exercise I can actually do. It's about a forty to fifty minute ride. 

Thanks to the duration of the ripped CD being less than that the mp3 rolled on to the next ripped CD in alphabetical order which was "Ya Mum's Bum" by Rodney Rude.

The transition was somewhat abrupt, with 1750 strings left for a comedy album which while still funny is also dated by its then affectionate sledging of gay people and sex. 

One suited the ride, the other decidedly not. But I had an outside ride on a day in a place designed for outside riding.

Canberra fucking rawks.

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