Thursday, April 26, 2018

Work shirts and short shorts

I am a lackadaisical washer of clothes.

In my non-salaried work life I am at home and on doctor's orders wearing short shorts. Only I've run through all my t-shirts and so now, thanks to a washing build up, I am wearing work shirts—the shirts I wore in a normal workplace—with my short shorts. It looks like I'm all business above the waist but it's party time below. 

It's a weird combo. I have now put on a load of washing but it may be the case I end up at my psych appointment in this work–medical fun attire. 

(Cue scratching of notes by psychologist).

UPDATE: Am wearing McDonald's socks in crocs. I teased thewife for having three pairs of these socks until she said "I got them because my friend asked me to". Her friend with the child with leukemia who got support from one of their houses

That shut me the McFuck back up.

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