Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sanity check succeeded

I copped some distressing crap early in the day then had to deal with the outcome. I did a combo of a response, shower then exercise with music. Though my thoughts were still with the distress I didn't rage. I did bust out two Valium though just before the shower. 

The exercise was an outside ride and the chain came off. With little power and an upward slope I had no chance to glide back on battery. I had to stop and deal with it with the added drama of an urgent wee. I got the chain on after two goes and it stayed on. My wee was safely and legally received by my own toilet.

I took the mental equivalent of a tree branch to the face but so far have not lost it. I applied CBT and meds and dealt with the distress with almost detachment. I didn't lose my shit---or wee---when the chain came off either.

I may have nightmares later. But if I do I know what to do to stay sane when I awake.


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