Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Revenge of the horror

The horror work returned with fresh horror;  I had two anxiety attacks even 'fore I cracked the seals on this new set of tomes of soul-yanking terror. I got caught trapped in a space out, tears rolling on the second attack then had to be snapped out of it. 

But seals cracked, skim given and that's all I set out to do today. Ahead lies the real crunch of the cockroach.

As I skimmed, then did nerd work, power tools, motorbikes and bass guitar were pounding the soundscape. I paid it little heed having already cooked off, medicated up and CBTed myself through the work then reward of deep nerding.

Thank fuck for treatment and the assist given. Thank fuck for people who love me no matter what. Without that I'd be dead.

Revenge of the horror; it's not fun but I'm not pinned to the barn door by a pitchfork just yet.

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