Friday, April 27, 2018

Poked eye with bodkin

If you look at this uni site entry on Newton you'll see he had some interesting ideas which included sticking a bodkin needle into his own eye. A bodkin, though Newton adds an "e" to his spelling, is "a long, thick needle with a ballpoint end".

He was a self-experimenter in an age where that was common and it was done with purpose, to further his knowledge of optics, but still, that's nuts; even a self-trepanner would baulk at that.

I did the mental health equivalent of that for over two hours of gruesome horror where I dug the needle in and yanked it around because I had to. I have to do more later. 

Ideally I'd not have to do it at all but duty calls. It's part of the glory that is having OCPD; you'll put yourself in harm's way or your brain gets harmed. 

Wrap your noggin around that.

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