Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Permanent guest star "leg boil" popped; non-hilarity ensues

My ever boil on the inside of my right leg—it's been there since last year—got popped. We let it rest in case the lump was inflammation from popping but the boil just rose up and had to get popped. Out came ichor and blood. There was much shrieking from me.
So it's back to the doctor for more advice or a what now?! Something is keeping the boil on the boil. I suspect it's an ingrown hair but I'm no doctor; just someone that meets a lot of doctors. 

I have many ailments. But I'm like a special car with a pit crew needed to keep at max efficiency. And I have a wee cup so I don't have to stop for breaks after lap 40. 

It's not all glamour, ladies. 

UPDATE: It got bigger overnight—like the peach from James and the Giant Peachwhich meant it,whatever it is that causes the lump was close to the surface.

When the lump was deep and pressed on it didn't hurt that much. But, close to the surface, after it was lanced with a needle then pressed on it hurt so much I thought I'd pass out. Apparently I didn't scream but did register vocal disquiet. But it means that hopefully the fucker is on the drain. It already feels better, movement wise, in the hours after its brutal open then contents squeezed. 

There's a weird pain after-glow you get from moments like this—or such as when you've passed a sizable poo—where you think back to that pain and the relief you now feel from whatever caused that pain. It's an odd euphoria.

But during the squeeze phase it felt like a broad bladed weapon gouging into my flesh. It was worse than the Xmas one.

Here endeth the ever boil? We shall see... 

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