Wednesday, April 25, 2018

KKK shocked to find mid management are black

The South (willnotriseagain): Klan members were shocked April 23 when noted demagogue and shill for things that have chicken bones, Alex Jones, said KKK mid management were racist black people.

"Because let me tell you, the real big secret is the real KKK at the midlevel is a bunch of racist black people who hate black people," said Jones.

"You know that's probably why we had to turn up to every klan event already rigged in the robe and hood, no matter how small, for the last few months, on account of the sudden influx and successful infiltration of our sacred brotherhood by the black man," said one anonymous Grand Hero of the Cyclops Dragon who assured interviewers he himself was not black and that his rank was low-level, "as well as the sudden rise of high fives and use of 'my man' as a signal of collegial respect."

The one-eyed dragon said he blamed Obama. "Affirmative action and quotas and stuff like that allowed them to do that," said the klansman, "and those Obama phones."

That Alex Jones had tumbled this ruse just as midlevel management had been infiltrated by all black people who did not like black people was thanked by the klansman but said he will miss their presence.

"You know they're just like us, but with better music and food and with the added complication of being black in today's America," he said.

"So I will miss their eats and their table chatter too," he added forlornly.

Alex Jones's rumble of the ruse has once again cemented his power as America's number one media investigator and shows the extent of his almost omniscient power.

"CHICKEN PARTS MAKE ME GREEEEEAT!" said Jones through a spokesman as the now bare-chested super journo attacked the vending machine in the lobby mistaking it once again for the re-animated corpse of the Mexican bear that killed Davy Crockett at the Alamo by making him gay and do sex stuff to it.

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