Sunday, April 08, 2018

Disappointed Queen

A while back I gave theboy a money tin I'd filled with spare change over two years from whatever coins were in my pocket when I walked into the shed. When it was full—it was a money tin from a Fathers Day stall that said "My DAD Rocks"—I was always going to give it him to say thanks for the tin

So with money from his tin he bought me a fancy swear box—a tasteful wooden effort with glass frontage allowing you to see the coins and notes fill it up. It wasn't meant to curb swearing, he just liked the box and told me when it was full then I had to spend the money on myself. 

It will take time to fill it. Since I am not in salaried work I don't walk around with a wallet with money in it and rarely enter the shed cashed up.

But there is a scattering of coins and a single five dollar bill, Queen-side facing out. She's in there sideways and she looks pissed off. 

I think it's about all the swearing. 

The swear box; there's an angry Queen in there and she's fussed about the cussin'. 

I still find it weird there's a Queen of Australia. She's nice and all but she's a historical affectation that should be cut loose. I look forward to currency in my lifetime that doesn't have a Queen or her spawn from a distant shore laced throughout our cash.

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