Saturday, April 07, 2018

And the three little ducks went CRACK, CRACK, CRACK

I was taking a cube from the dishwasher powder cube box when the set of three plastic nested measuring "spoons" that are duck-themed with bonnets added to their heads were nudged off the shelf and fell to the floor.

I knew it was going to happen—so I was ready for the noise—but when they all hit it sounded like derringer fire from someone shooting over my right shoulder. 

Derringers are small handguns but small guns still make noise when used and it sounded as if the person's wrist had been resting on my shoulder when they fired. 

PTSD is balls; even when you know a sound is coming it's still unpleasant to go through it. I had just enough time to register their knock, fall and prepare for impact.

And non-holy shit that was a nasty set of cracks. 

My body tingled with fleeting fight flight and left a rattle-stain, the emotional after-glow of a loud noise as your wounded brain recovers from the scare.

The other shit one to dropping things that clatter is the self-slamming a door as you pass through. If the backdoor is open but the screen closed and I pull too hard on the laundry door knob to close it as I pass through then the extra air means it will slam with force while I am in the impact zone. I'll sense the speed of the door is too high and think "shit" and then WHAM!, right in the fucking ear. I did it to myself; no-one to blame but me.

If a portal closes with force next to a person with PTSD, will they make a sound?

Sometimes—"shit" as said as the brain thinks it, "fuck" is another and "Jesus ant-fucking Christ I did that to myself" is a rare one I may have used.

PTSD; it's the fucked-up brain response that keeps on giving.

UPDATE: Seconds later... I turn to lock the toilet door and nudge the bottom toilet seat to fly up with my leg. I turn back as it slams down and blasts me with unexpected noise.

I yelled "FUCK!"

So it's the middle one.   

UPDATE2: I later went through the front door and slammed it behind me. Right into the right ear. Which makes a nice change; usually it's lefty that cops it.   

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