Friday, March 02, 2018

Ten minutes

I woke and played with my facial wound, ripping at it for about ten minutes before logic Mikey took over.

It was only ten minutes so not too much damage done. But that I did it still irks me. I went nearly two days without having at it but when I did break I stopped after ten. Then I showered, dressed the wound and hopefully I won't break and fall back into facial mutilation. 

If the face is the window to the soul then I am inside the house chucking rocks through it.

It was ten minutes too long but better ten minutes than 60, 120 or even the full home alone 480 minutes. All of those have happened before. 

This was just ten minutes. That's still a win. The biggest would be to stop and never do it again but I'll settle for a small span of time than a long one.

I knew it was bad when the tablet balanced on my chest went dark from lack of activity. I stopped shortly after that.

I'm a fully functional adult male ... with a mental injury that exacerbated his OCPD to the point of disfigurement. 

So I'm not fully functional because fully functional people do not do that.

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