Friday, March 30, 2018

Sundae spoon as food projectile delivery system

I don't have any corncobs to feed the chickens with as a treat but we do have tinned corn kernels. 

But just ladling out the kernels is not stimulating for them or for me. With the cob they have to actively engage with the food whilst dealing with other chickens. Just dumping kernels is not. 

I enjoy McDonald's hot fudge sundaes—though I admit to being disconcerted to hearing kitchen chatter of "someone heat up the hot fudge" since in theory it's already hot—and I get them for the freezer for a late-night treat. 

They try to give me spoons. I reject them but sometimes they're in the box and it's too socially awkward to hand them back. I typically have a dozen of these spoons lying around.

That's when it came to me; they would be ideal catapult spoons to fling kernels with force near chickens so it would be fun for them as it was for me.

The first few shots hit the tree and corn rained down from above. Each time I aimed for the bigs' fox proof cage where they live until the chicks are their size I landed kernels on the UV sheeting part of the roof and thus they didn't get any.

So in the end I entered the pen, balanced the tub of kernels on the open door of the chicks' hutch then sat on a eight hole four legged stool and side-flicked kernels at the bigs' cage knowing some would get through the grill to them and others would bounce off into the greater pen for the smalls. 

It was a lot of fun. For me and, as far as I know, for them. 

As a kid I used to lie near an ants nest and draw a square near a hole or around it then blast a water pistol at any ant that entered the square. It was a bit fucked up but mainly on the WHS front because it was on our drive-way and people were fine with me lying on it shooting ants with a water pistol. 

That was not cool; the ants were not killed but the water pistol I used though small had a powerful jet and it could knock an ant backward a few centimetres. They'd be groggy then stagger off.  

So I like to think that making life as fun for my chickens as it can be is some payback for the crap I did to defenceless ants thirty years ago. 

Plus I get to make use of my many, many wonderful McDonald's sundae spoons that I will never use for me because I prefer a metal teaspoon when it comes time to consume said sundaes.

Chickens; they're a lot of fun even though they are, in essence, food consuming poo machines that occasionally produce an egg.

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