Monday, March 26, 2018

Stormy Trump

The main interest point from the Stormy Daniels interview is the fact someone accosted her in a car park in 2011 and told her to lay off talking about her affair with the now current POTUS.

It fully reminded me of that bit from The Simpsons when Bart answers the door and takes a punch meant for Homer and the man says "don't write no more letters to Mr. Sinatra."

Maybe that's where the idea came from? The Simpsons is on Fox and he loves Fox.

This is not to take away from the terror she felt; she was monstered. But the cartoonish nature of the accosting is just so ... well ... Trump. If not ordered by him then someone near him took a broad hint to shut this broad up.

She didn't though and kudos to her. Trump had over 3000 lawsuits before he got the top slot with some of those suits occuring from his previous lawyers who he did not pay. He has also somehow escaped perjury charges for rubbery testimony. He had the power and reach to do that to her and someone did it to her. That it wasn't Trump or someone in his circle beggars belief.

You could not make this up; this hurricane of shit that blew in midday 20 January 2017 shows now sign of slowing down.

And when you think of the confected outrage against the sane Obama years with the poo storm that is Trump as POTUS and the seeming lack of concern in the house and senate underlies just how insanely warped the GOP is. It is a system with a feedback loop that removes it from reality to the point that government and governance can be fucked on ideology alone. 

The GOP own this. There are few in the GOP willing to stand up to him like they did when Nixon got tapped to go because Trump owns their base. He won it WWE-style and broke reality of US politics forever. They are stuck to him and to check him is to lose power even as that use of power warps government. Which they had already done pre-Trump such as nakedly stealing a supreme court pick from Obama.

They did it because they could and he does what he does because he can. That this man is in that position is globally toxic.

Probs save us all.

UPDATE: Trump has been involved in over 4000 lawsuits.

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