Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Social engineering through engineering

Like any city Canberra has to maintain its urban shared spaces such as pavements, paths, parks and signage. Every couple of years they'd replace the sign to our suburb because someone had tagged it. 

Only last time they replaced it they jacked the height of the sign to about that of a basketball backboard.

So unless a tagger could be bothered to organise a step ladder, do the tag, then remove the ladder and lug it home then chances are the sign will not get tagged.

I like it; I like that someone in the Canberra admin system said "let's just put the signs up higher."

Our city is akin to clockwork inter-meshing through bush. Jacking up the sign is like one of the city animations from the GoT opening credits. 

That's great government; effective social engineering through simple engineering.

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