Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Remains of the tube

I'd come into the shed fresh from showering elsewhere and I'd not put cream on my face and a dressing since getting home.

I saw the remains of the last tube, put in here for moments like this, went to it and doused the fuck out of the area. Then I put a band-aid on.

That was thewife's idea—to have the remains of the old tube here for just in case and it saved me from a possible lapse into facial mutilation where I pick at the scar ridge on my cheek.

Not this time. So it's still zero minutes because I didn't have time to do it; once I saw the tube and realised I was free to have a go at myself I went to the cream and stopped future me from doing so.

Looking out for future me is important because future me is important. 


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