Saturday, March 03, 2018

PTSD and normal noises

We live in a world of noise. In a house the loudest noise is a door slam.

No one was doing intentionally, but each time a door closed of its own accord through kinetic energy instead of being shut quietly my upside-down brain went "RAAAAAGH!"

So I've taken Valium and have ear protection on. I will not go into the city as normal for a Saturday; I will stay home.

The genesis is the horror I had to go through then suffer deflation at the result. So my animal brain knows something is wrong and tells logic brain those loud sounds are threats coming to get me.

We're not designed to live in baked-in stress---that's why PTSD happens for some people who lived in a state of hyper-vigilance and cannot turn it off. I am confined to this room until the Valium kicks in.

Workplace injury blows goats; I have proof.

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