Thursday, March 15, 2018

Outside ride

A BYB ride using the power assist at setting one is about the same as an exercise bike set to medium resistance. It's at "not fun" where your heart pumps hard because your legs do.

I did a horseshoe ride on setting one---around the lake until I reached McDonald's. There I got lunch then went to power setting three to zip home to watch TV while I ate.

I saw some things.

A woman, seated, with casts on her legs feeding the birds at her feet on the path. I rode well clear onto the grass to avoid scattering them.

An old man pushing a normal pushbike up the slope of the path and that a ten dollar bill had dropped from his pocket. I yelled "You dropped some money, mate" and he turned to see. He had no upper teeth, lip crimping gum. He said thanks as I rode away.

A cyclist who has previously suffered a magpie swooping attack. You could tell because they had up thrust cable ties sprouting from their helm like a crown of stalks for a summer fair princess.

The outside ride; it comes with benefits.

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