Sunday, March 04, 2018

Full-blown anxiety attack on garden swing

I had to be talked out of it with calm and patience as the dream-sparked ripcord pulled on waking caused the engine to roar into life three hours later. I twisted the index fingers around in the folds of my sleeves to cram my arms to my body as if to contain the swelling hurt. 

It's a nice day and it was a great setting. A garden swing is a good place to do it because you can rock back and forth with your hands wound tight to your body as screaming pain whips around your skull.

So that was a plus. I had a V and am now in a room with sun, the steady thrum of a drier and the sounds of garden tat being assembled outside. Logic Mikey is back but telling the story of what happened to the mad version just before. 

Because it's important when you have a workplace injury to show the impact of what a broken system does to the people who do the actual work.

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