Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dream ghost exorcism

It was a fucked series of dreams and I woke early. I had a shower and with calm reminded myself ghosts of the past can hurt you but only if you let them.

I'm not going to rev on horror dross. I am not going to re-live the fucked things done to me.

I'm going to read and do joyful things that remind me that I am still here despite the best efforts of others.

I'm still alive; that's a baseline win and everything on top of that is yet more winning.

I got bullied inside then outside of the womb. But I survived them, school and work. In fact I excelled, made possible in part by the very physical and mental dross I was monstered over.

The best revenge is doing well; especially when the universe throat punched you before life began.

I won; I just have to remind myself each time I wake with the screaming anger shits.

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