Thursday, March 01, 2018


The hell work failed to get traction and it's left me deflated. It's not for nought, it just didn’t happen how I hoped and the future is uncertain.

But I tried. In the end if you can say that then it's still a win, just not in a real and legally-binding sense.

Quoth Popeye "I yam what I yam". And this yam will keep yamming. Just via another way is all.


UPDATE: parts of my left arm, hand and fingers spasmed intermittently throughout the day. That was a new one. At least they didn't hurt; not like fibro nerve clench. However in retrospect the fibro was hyper-vigilance expressing itself from being boiled in a hazardous environment. That included joys such as severe shoulder pain and finger tip numbing. But, as a wise man once said "nasty experiences make you savour the normal". I have the joy of not being crippled-sick and suffering cognitive dissonance. Take that, universe.

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