Friday, March 23, 2018

Cooked off in the car

As a person who had to do presentations I'd practice them in the car or in the shower as part of my working life. But I also developed a habit of talking to myself or orating at things, people or situations that had caused me grief.

So on a drive from north-side to south-side of Canberra I worked myself into a foam-at-the-mouth anger fit about childhood bullshit. 

When I got home I had two Valium.

It's cathartic though to have a big snotty cry-yell where no one can hear you unless they're pulled up next to you. More than once I've been in mid-rant and traffic stops such as waiting at lights and it's like I hit a pause button and wait in silence until we're moving again that the vehicle-based ranting resumes.

I have a body that's shit; I'm almost as round as I am tall. But I can talk and I can write and in the former, when in full flight, sometimes what spews forth is sheer fucking magic.


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