Wednesday, February 14, 2018


I had the free Medicare scan for a 40+ person and sat with a nurse to hear the results. I got weighed and measured too. 

It was mostly awful—too much bad fat, not enough good and too big in the tummy. I protested I was genetically six foot three but I don't think she believed me. My sugar level is still below six but I had gained four kilos since the last weigh two years before and they said if I kept going I would end up a type two diabetic.

But it turned out I had grown nearly an inch, or was measured at being two centimeters in height higher than last time. Then she read my file of ten plus years and saw my height had been recorded lower than that but at different heights each time. She admitted the wall-mounted tape measure could be sited too high for a proper measurement. 

However as of this moment, according the the latest measurement, I am taller than I have ever been.

I expect now all the favours afforded the tall—more money, sexual partners and less chance of going to jailto come falling down upon me given my literal increase in stature. 

The tall ... and their music...

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