Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sunk cost fallacy

We all get sucked into it, events that chew time for no purpose but you keep pursuing it to justify all the costs; "we can't give up now, not when we're potentially still as far away from that thing you think can get done done!"

I was in the pen attempting to herd the Polish Scruffs into the hutch so they could be locked in for the night. As I moved about to nudge them my body hurt and I realised it was pointless.

So I said "this is a sunk cost fallacy" and left the pen. They will enter the hutch by their own and then I will close it.

I'm proud that I recognised that it was pointless and to give up a pointless task was better than pursuing it just because I'd put effort into pursuing it. But it was recognisably hopeless, a simple "yes no" of my ability to succeed versus their ability to just fuck off. 

Real life, a complexity of nesting dolls, it's not so clear.

What's the bet I leave the shed and find they went on in.

Crafty fuckers ... with their music. 

UPDATE: I left the shed and found they went on in.

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