Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Popped like a cherry tomato

My leg boil returned and thewife had a go at it; it popped like a cherry tomato and she had to then soak up the ichor.

It turns out the boils are likely the result of thigh chafe; I'm a big person with thighs that rub and because I exercise each day the thighs brush against each other or the side of the seat on the bike. That rubbing, and being older and possibly pre-diabetic, makes these sores appear.

So now I have to wear boxer shorts over undies to keep the thigh boils at bay. I have to wait a week before riding to let the site heal before riding again.

Why not just boxers? Because I have balls descending from age and you want a snug scrote if you're going to sit on anything that can potentially make said scrote dangle, hang awkwardly or be sat on—yes, without undies, you can sit on your own balls. Sitting on your own balls is not fun. Or, indeed, is any testicular sitting at any time since I cannot fathom a reason for doing so. 

My body is its own Ripley's Believe It or Not!

But without my un-sexy does-not-work-right body I wouldn't have all these decidedly un-sexy adventures to make a sexy difference.


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