Saturday, February 24, 2018

Never been happier

I let the six remaining girl chicks on the lawn and heard their contentment. I remarked upon it.

"It's because they don't have any men in their life," said thewife. 

Gender fully-pwned. And it's a fair call. Since I stopped work I've had time to heal while the rest go to the office or school. I try to keep stuff clean and do what I can but it's not enough though as I'm home alone and I'm conscious of that.

I've been working on eldritch horrors which has meant a wobbly me and that has combined with loss of identity; validation as a working person because no matter where I worked I excelled.

Then I lost it; retired twenty years short. I have to live with the comfort that what I did mattered and it mattered I did it well.

It is eternal validation—born shit but burned bright. I linger like the after-glow of a just turned off light.


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