Monday, February 19, 2018

Leg lump liquidated

My new doc noticed the raised scar tissue on my left leg and said it was big and angry enough to not risk it and so off it went.

The local injection was the hardest part—it was a prolonged "OWOWOWOWOWOWOW" reaction from me as the needle did its business. 

But then the lump was excised and evidence-bagged for cancer, I was stitched up and off I went.

It means no riding an exercise bike for at least a week and wearing a plastic bag—he recommended Woolies—taped below my knee in the shower to keep the site dry. So a week off riding on doctor's orders.

I haven't been conscious for bits of my being lopped off or probed since I was a teen and had a face lump taken off without warning after my mum took me to the doctor and didn't tell me why we were there. Likely to forestall panic given a fear of needles I got from being constantly needled to the point where mishaps happened like one going into muscle instead of a vein. 

Before puberty kicked in that face lump would grow a fine but long super hair that I would not notice but would wave around with the decorous hint of a spider web caught for a moment in sunlight if people happened to be looking at me. The lump wasn't that big, but the lump's hair was something else. 

I'm being reduced by sleight. I like it.

UPDATE: It is many hours later. It stings. Not too bad but it stings. I look forward to the bag shower later.

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