Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Happy music gives joy joy

I'd confessed to my psych that, on occasion, the playing of battle anthems, songs that make me feel heroic and true, can kick off an anger attack—I started in on one the other day only for my son to step in to stop it.

She said play happy music instead; that which gives me joy but does not spark a "to the barricades!" type feeling because that's when I'm most likely to drop into self-rant mode which I can baste in for hours.

I played "Brown Girl in the Ring" by Boney M then did a lyrics check to make sure the line from the chorus was "Show me your motion".

It was. And all I could think of was me standing outside a cubicle toilet with the door open and pointing at the bowl.

"Always in the gutter, Mikey," says the ghost of my disappointed mother.

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